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It is the mission of the Simpson County Sheriff's Office to develop a highly trained,

efficient, and professional law enforcement office in order to provide outstanding service

to the citizens of Simpson County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our Country. In

order to reach this goal I have attempted to build an organization with outstanding

individuals that clearly display high moral integrity coupled with excellent capabilities

and the drive to work with pride to accomplish this goal. I have long recognized that

outstanding accomplishments can be obtained when each member of the department

not only understand the goals and objectives of the department, but also identifies with

them to the extent that ownership of these goals and objectives are shared by all.

Public service is not limited to a chosen group or groups or to individuals. The Simpson

County Sheriff's Office is committed to the community regardless of age, race, religion,

sexual preference, socioeconomic background, or any other factor. Discrimination of

any form will not be tolerated within the Simpson County Sheriff's Office.

Along with the responsibility of providing firm and fair law enforcement services to the

public comes the duty of fiscal responsibility. The Simpson County Sheriff's Office is

committed to finding new and innovative ways to increase technology and manpower,

prevent duplication of services within the Sheriff's Office, and to increase the efficiency

and effectiveness of the department by making clear concise decisions that will benefit

the community as a whole.