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Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons License (CCDW) can be applied for at the Simpson County Sheriff's Office.  Once you have completed the required course from a state approved instructor, you will be mailed a postcard of completion.  Bring class card of completion to the sheriffs office for the final process.  Once your application and license is completed it will be mailed to the sheriff's office and be available for pickup.  Renewals can also be completed at the sheriff's office.  Fees are as follows $40.00 to KSP and $25.00 to Simpson County Sheriff.   Fees can be paid by Check or Money Order. For additional information click on the button below.

‚ÄčList of Simpson County Approved Instructors:

‚Äč1.)  Kevin Allen  270-331-4646

2.)  Paul Eadens  270-776-3267

3.)  Charles Graves  270-586-8878

4.)  Roger Hunter  270-776-2467

5.)  Peggy Hunter  270-776-2467

6.)  Keith Mueller  270-791-0189

7.)  Steven Perkins  270-586-8305

8.)  Jerry Summers  270-776-2157